$ 649.-

The 240MB Vienna Grand Piano Sample offers that elusive 7 velocity layer sound you've been missing. An authentic grand piano for your keyboard or stage piano and a natural range of expression. The soundboard features 256 MB instant on Flash Memory. This rack unit plugs immediately into any stage piano, arranger keyboard or keyboard controller.
It also comes with a friendly user interface: DER CONTROLLER. (sold seperately).

Musicians will hear the difference, a smooth dynamic that flows continuously, without jumps, from pianissimo to fortissimo. The sound, even on a piano, is much more open and lively than other grand piano sounds just like a real concert grand. The Rock and Pop options will show that even in forte you can still accent the notes. The piano shines through. If you really hammer the keys, you'll get a fortissimo sample, not just more volume.

The dynamics are supported by four specifically developed programs (1 through 4), they are optimized for jazz, pop, classic and rock piano performance. One thing is clear, the unmistakable timbre and the brilliant sound of a concert grand that Vienna Grand Piano provides, are indispensable for some, and always well-suited for any style you play.

1 Grand Piano - Pop
2 Grand Piano - lineare
3 Grand Piano - Classik
4 Grand Piano - Rockpiano
5 G. Piano & Pad
6 G. Piano & Strings
7 G. Piano & E-Bass
8 Honky Tonk
9 Latin Oktave
10 Orgel 888
11 Strings
12 Pad
13 E-Piano Ballad
14 E-Piano Rock
15 E-Piano FM
16 Grand Stack 1
17 E-Piano & Pad
18 E-Piano FM & Bells
19 Vibraphon
20 Bells

21 E-Bass

Vienna Grand Piano features 256 MB instant on Flash Memory, 116 voice polyphony, digital reverb and chorus effect. The soundboard is fully multitimbral. The external 9.5-inch rack includes stereo out, aux out, MIDI in and thru/out ports. The front panel has controls for master volume, power switch, phones, MIDI activity LED, Remote LED and a port for the controller. The housing has extra space for a second LIMEX soundboard, so it can be expanded at any time.


$ 99.-

Vienna Grand Piano can be operated by any keyboard or stage piano. The newly developed MC1 controller makes the selection of piano sounds easy, and, thanks to its compact size (3.5" x 2.3") and long cable (16'), it saves space in any place. The MC1 also filters MIDI data. You can filter out program changes, volume commands, and more just the way you want them and then save your personal settings on the MC1. This feature makes it easy to combine the Vienna Grand Piano with any arranger keyboard. Use the keyboard or the controller to select the sound. With the mute button, the Vienna Grand Piano is easy to switch on and off as needed. The MC1 controls the amount of reverb and it provides master volume and master tune controls.


$ 519.-

Expansion kit for master keyboards is also available. Its power supply and MIDI connections are internal. Some technical skill is necessary to install. Sorry, we do not install it for you.


Vienna Grand Piano features 256 MB instant on Flash Memory, 116 voice polyphony, digital reverb and chorus effect.
The soundboard is fully multitimbral. Jacks for stereo out and phones.